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The Blue Fairy Book Illustrated by Charles Van Sandwyk

The Blue Fairy Book Illustrated by Charles Van Sandwyk

Lang, Andrew (ed). Published by Folio Society, London (2003 first Printing)

Fine Binding By Richard Smart with original (one only pen and ink) line drawing. Both book and drawing are signed by the illustrator.

Charles Van Sandwyk (illustrator). With 16 colour plates and other text illustrations in black and white. This wonderful collection of fairy stories, put together by Andrew Lang at the end of the 19th century, gathers many of the best loved tales of childhood - 'Old stories', Lang calls them in his preface, 'that have pleased so many generations'. They include the best of the English tradition, favourites from Grimm, Perrault, The Arabian Nights and Gulliver's Travels, as well as lesser-known tales and new re-tellings, such as Lang's own 'The Terrible Head' based on the Greek myth of Perseus and the Gorgon. Reared on border ballads told by his old nurse, Lang was reading by the age of four and devoured 'every fairy tale I could lay my hands on'. He was enthralled by trolls and witches, and stories of changelings and devilish hunts. Later the tales of Shakespeare, Homer and Dickens were to fire his imagination.

Bound in full blue Morocco with the original frnt cover design re-created in a mixture of leather in-lays and on-lays and tooled in gold. Marble endpapers, spine seperated into 6 panells with the title, author, date and illustrated by Charles Van Sandwyk.

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