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Antique Herbatorium Book

Antique Herbatorium Book

This incredible collection of leaves, flowers and grasses. Carefully cataloged and labelled, this small collection is important not for the samples but from where they were collected.

The traveller is unknown, although one maybe be able to do some research and track down the source, as the front inside cover lists a number of hotels throughout Europe. Dated in 1853, the owner is assumed to be of notable descent and/or high class, as travelling for leisure would have been very costly and only for the wealthy at the time. I am partial to assuming that the tourist may have been a woman, as the handwriting may suggest that.

An interesting antiquarian item for collectors interested in collections & curiosities, 19th century tourism & travel, ephemera, antique paper & scrapbooks, and botanical samples.

A Beech leaf from Voltaire’s garden planted by Voltaire
Grass from picked on the field of Waterloo
Leaves from Carisbrooke Castle Isle of White
Leaves from the Maize Hedge of Hampton Court 1853
Leaves from Lord Byron’s House near Geneva
Leaves from the TOP of the Leaning tower of Pisa
A Cabbage leaf from the site of the Palace of Caesers, Rome
Flowers from the grave of the Dairyman’s Daughter Isle of Wight 1853

These are just a few of the amazing priceless links to people and places in history.
2200 USD