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L'art du Relieur Doreur de Livres

L'art du Relieur Doreur de Livres

Bound in contemporary full red hand stained goatskin, with period old marble endpapers, Lavishly gilt boards and spine, representing the design shown on plate XII fig 4. 5 raised bands with title Author and date on the spine. The original bindings on these were mostly ¼ sheep with marble boards, this copy's previous binding apparently was beyond saving and gave a great opportunity to bind this book in the detailed way that it describes in its contents.

This was one volume of the series Descriptions des Arts et Metiers (Paris 1761-88). Bernard Middleton has written a good note: "Plans for a scientific description of all the manufacturing processes were first conceived late in the seventeenth century, and some progress was made with the drafting of essays and engraving of plates, but this was not maintained. Although this manual was not the first [bookbinding manual] to be illustrated, it was the first to have large detailed plates which could be helpful not only to those learning binding technique but also to those who planned to make standing- and other presses. The Bookbinding section was drafted by Jacques Jaugeon, and three plates were prepared by Louis Simonneau. Apparently the publication of the first volume of Diderot's Encyclopédie provided the stimulus for renewed activity, so Dudin, a layman, rewrote Jaugeon's essay, but depended heavily on the advice of the prominent Paris binder Jean Charles Henri Le Monnier, who also arranged for him to watch books being bound. Three of Simonneau's plates were used, and these were supplemented with thirteen others by Nicolas Ransonnette.

Highlights from the Bernard C. Middleton Collection of books on Bookbinding (2000), p. 22. Dudin's was an important work; there was a later augmented edition published in Paris in 1820 and modern translations into Italian (1964) and into English (1977). For another good note see Pollard & Potter, Early Bookbinding Manuals.

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