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A Treatise of Architecture with Remarks and Observations

A Treatise of Architecture with Remarks and Observations

A Treatise of Architecture with Remarks and Observations; Necessary for Young People, who would apply themselves to that Noble ART.

A treatise of architecture: with remarks and observations/by that excellent master therof Sebastian le Clerc...
Necessary for young people who would apply to that noble art; engraven in...
First published in french in Paris in 1714.

Sold by Mr. Richd. Ware at the Bible and Sun at Amen croner.

In a nice contemporary full calf, rebacked to period, missing plate volume. Otherwise a very complete instructional look at architecture as art.

Sébastien Leclerc or Sébastien Le Clerc ([baptized] 26 September 1637— 25 October 1714) was a French artist from the Duchy of Lorraine. He specialized in subtle reproductive drawings, etchings, and engravings of paintings; and worked mostly in Paris, where he was counseled by the King's painter, Charles Le Brun, to devote himself entirely to engraving.[1] Leclerc joined the Académie Royale de Peinture et de Sculpture in 1672 and taught perspective there.[2] He worked for Louis XIV, being made "graveur du Roi" (attached to the Cabinet du Roi), doing engraving work for the royal house. Leclerc also engaged in periodic work as a technical draftsman and military engineer.

Of his reproductive engravings, the connoisseur and chronicler of artistic life, Pierre-Jean Mariette, wrote in his Abecedario:

"If there has ever been an engraver who rendered himself celebrated in his profession, and who extended his capabilities beyond ordinary bounds, that is, without fear of contradiction: Sébastien Le Clerc".
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